of instincts and stupidity

When animals act, they act on instinct which may not be right in our human eyes but is perfectly right in the animal world.

When we humans fail to prevent these animals from acting instinctively that is just pure idiotic and STUPID!! It’s not like nothing has been said before. Things have been repeatedly said but those words fell onto death ears. And the resutls? DISASTROUS!!

I am angry, absolutely INFURIATED by this stupidity and the lack of common sense!!!!!!

Someone please put a gun to my head and put an end to my misery.



YOU PILLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


death bed

I wonder……

What went through his mind.

As he laid there, dying.

Does life really flash before your very eyes?

What would he see?

Does he feel any remorse for the things he has done?

There is no sadness for his passing, only relief.

Live your life like how you’d like to be remembered.

Sure don’t want to end up like him. Alone in every step of the way.

rollercoaster ride

Sure feels like I’ve been taken on a fucking ride.

First it was a yes, then it was a no. Then yes again, no again. Finally a yes.

This whole placement thing is retarded.



In 10 weeks time life as I know for the past 7 years will come to an end.

Still amazes me that 7 years zipped by this quickly.

Preparing for goodbyes are not fun.

of coffee and love

I realize that many chinese songs contain the words love and coffee.

Coffee = love? Love = coffee?

Coffee, anyone?

its been awhile

Another year has passed. I am yet another year older. Shit man…… getting old. Where has all the time gone?!!

I realize that I have a bad temper. Especially as of late. People just annoy me in general. ROAR!!!

I just wanna be left alone.


of capabilities

absolutely bothers me when people don’t know where their capabilities lie.

my head feels like an over inflated balloon. it’s gonna pop any minute now.



My, my…… time flies!

I’ve been learning to say no lately. I just don’t see the need to please anyone anymore.

Respect. Totally lacking in kids nowadays. Trying to not let it annoy me too much. ROAR.

I’ve come to realize the higher your expectations are the bigger the disappointment. Gotta learn to not expect anything from anyone.

Have been impartial to many things lately. Things that were important to me no longer feel that way. People, things. Whatever. Just can’t bring myself to care anymore.

On a happy note, I shall be graduating in 9 months!! Wish me luck, peeps!

Please send your good thoughts

Grandad had a heart attack and is currently having internal bleeding.

I pray that his condition isn’t life threatening.

Please send some positive thoughts his way.

update: Doctors finally able to stop the bleed. Now to wait for him to recover and off he goes to a cardiologist.

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